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Fig. 1

From: Essential in-vitro laboratory diagnostic services provision in accordance with the WHO standards in Guragae zone primary health care unit level, South Ethiopia

Fig. 1

WHO Essential In Vitro Laboratory Tests in Guragae Zone Primary Health Care Unit, Southern Ethiopia, 2019. ASP-Aspatate amino-transaminase, AP-Alkaline Phosphatase, BMP-Basic metabolic panel, CMP-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, BUN-Blood Urea Nitrogen, ARSFM-Auramine Rhodamine stain for Fluorescent Microscopy, XMTP-Xpert MTB/RIF, BCMIM-Blood Cross Matching by Indirect Agglutination, anti-HBs- Antibodis to hepatitis B surface antigen, anti-HCV-Antibodies to hepatitis C, HCV cAg hepatitis C core antigen, DBS-Dried Blood Spot Collection, CBC-Complete Blood Count, ALT-Alanine aminotransferase, RDT-Malaria rapid diagnostic testing

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