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Table 1 Endemic infections that may enhance HIV susceptibility in Sub-Saharan Africa

From: Impact of Endemic Infections on HIV Susceptibility in Sub-Saharan Africa

InfectionMain causative agent (s) in SSAPrimary tissue site(s) involved
MalariaPlasmodium spp.- mainly P. falciparumBlood, liver
Soil transmitted helminthiasesAscaris, Trichuris, hookworms (e.g. Necator americanus)Gut lumen
Lymphatic filariasisWuchereria bancroftiLymphatic system, blood
SchistosomiasisSchistosoma spp. 
 Intestinal schistosomiasisS. mansoniBlood vessels surrounding gut, gut mucosa
 Genitourinary schistosomiasisS. haematobiumBlood vessels surrounding genitourinary tract, genitourinary mucosa