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Table 2 Results of diagnostic tests and treatment provided to leishmaniasis cases

From: Imported leishmaniasis cases in Cuba (2006–2016): what have we learned

Case number Occupation Sample Direct smear Culture Histopathology PCR-18S PCR-hsp20 PCR-hsp70 Leishmania spp. identified Treatment regime
Case-1 Not known Biopsy Positive Positive Not done Positive Positive Positive L.(V.) braziliensis Glucantime (20 mg/Kg/day) for 20 days*
Case-2 Student Biopsy Not done Contaminated Elements in macrophages compatible with Leishmania amastigotes Positive Positive Positive L. (L.) mexicana Amphotericin B 25 mg × 3 days 50 mg × 12 days
Case-4 Student Biopsy Negative Positive contaminated Elements similar to amastigotes in macrophages.
No kinetoplast identified
Positive Positive Positive weak No identified Liposomal Amphotericin B 150 mg days 1–5 followed by 200 mg weekly × 3 weeks
Case-11 Physic education trainer Biopsy embedded paraffin Not done Not done Leishmania amastigotes (kinetoplast) in macrophages Positive Positive Negative No identified Liposomal Amphotericin B 150 mg days 1–3 followed by 200 mg biweekly for three weeks
Case-14 Art Instructor Scraping Positive Negative Not done Positive Not done Negative No identified Glucantime (20 mg/Kg/day) for 28 days
  1. *This treatment was recommended to the patient, who returned to his country of origin