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Table 4 Practice of malaria prevention measures in Gurage zone 2017

From: Factors affecting prevention and control of malaria among endemic areas of Gurage zone: an implication for malaria elimination in South Ethiopia, 2017

Practice Questions Never
N (%)
N (%)
N (%)
How often do you sleep in a mosquito net? 284(35.5) 276(34.5) 240(30)
How often do other members of the household sleep in mosquito nets? 272(34) 280(35) 248(31)
How often do you use mosquito repellents in your house? 600(75) 104(13) 96(12)
How often do you use anti-mosquito spray in your house? 608(76) 112(14) 80(10)
How often your house is sprayed with anti-mosquito chemical spray (IRS) by community health workers? 392(49.7) 408(50.3) 0
How often do you clean/cut bushes around your house? 56(7) 160(20) 584(73)
How often do you clean stagnant water near your house 88(11) 624(78) 88(11)
How often do you visit the health center when you fall sick? 256(32) 160(20) 384(48)
How often do you receive visits from the community health worker? 48(6) 592(74) 160(20)
How often do you participate in malaria prevention campaigns? 16(2) 160(20) 624(78)
Over all practice
 Good practice 496(62%)
 Poor practice 304(38%)