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Table 8 Information about country-specific vaccines, subtype, current production/clinical trials status, comments about limitations and other limitations

From: Vaccine market and production capabilities in the Americas

Country Type of vaccine Leading Institute Immunological strategy Stage of development Comments/limitations and possible side effects
Argentina Junin virus (JUNV) vaccine against Argentinian hemorrhagic fever National Institute of Human Viral Diseases (ANLIS), Argentina Cell culture with the virus molecular constructs [78]. Based on phase 3, Clinical Trial: Candid#1 vaccine against Argentine hemorrhagic fever produced in Argentina is authorized for marketing in Argentina. Immunogenicity and safety [79]
No Clinical Trial Registry.
FDA’s Investigational New Drug Application #2257
With the use of the vaccine in high-risk individuals, AHF incidence has declined, but cases continue to be reported [80].
Brazil Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine Butantan and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Live attenuated tetravalent DEN virus to provide immunity to each of the four serotypes of DEN [81] NCT02406729, Phase 3, Ongoing.
NCT01696422, Phase 2 results demonstrated safety and induced robust, balanced, neutralizing antibody responses against the four DENV serotypes, in both naive and pre-exposed volunteers, after a single dose [82].
Limitation of the previous unique vaccine approved CYD-DTV has shown that age and previous exposure status of vaccine recipients to dengue virus had a significant
effect on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine [82]. The tetravalent vaccine expects to overcome this limitation.
Zika Vaccine Butantan Institute Live, DENV-vectored vaccine expressing pre membrane/
membrane and envelope proteins
Purified inactivated virus
Early-stage research [83]  
Bio-Manguinhos Purified inactivated virus
YF17DD chimera
Colombia Malaria SPf66 vaccine Malaria Vaccine and Drug Development Center, Colombia Synthetic vaccine against the asexual blood stages of Plasmodium falciparum No registry in
Results published concluded that synthetic SPf66 vaccine may be used as a safe and highly immunogenic vaccine, suitable to protect high-risk populations such as children under 5 years of age resident in hyper- and holo-endemic areas, such as Africa or some regions of Latin America [84]
A posterior Cochrane systematic review reported no evidence for protection by SPf66 vaccines against P. falciparum in Africa and a modest reduction in attacks of P. falciparum in South America. Further research with SPf66 vaccines in South America or with new formulations of SPf66 may be justified [85]
Malaria vaccine against Plasmodium vivax Malaria Vaccine and Drug Development Center, Colombia Vaccine derived from the synthetic CS protein of Plasmodium vivax NCT02083068, Phase II, completed, no results posted  
Mexico Vacuna Antipoliomielítica Bivalente Oral Birmex   NCT01870206
Phase 3
Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate Immunogenicity and Safety in Mexican Newborns. Status Unknown