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Table 4 Novel vaccines produced in Argentina

From: Vaccine market and production capabilities in the Americas

Institute that provides/ developed Disease Description
CONICET, CIDE Giardiasis An oral vaccine against giardiasis.
According to the WHO, this disease infects 200 million people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, with a particular impact on children up to 5 years because they are in a development stage where proper nutrition is vital.
The purpose of the vaccine is to fight this intestinal parasite, which can lead to eating disorders, severe inadequate absorption syndromes, and whose most severe forms are malnutrition, dehydration, and diarrhea, which in some cases can cause death [62].
IIBBA COMICET, Instituto Leloir HPV A pre-clinical staged technology to produce a vaccine against HPV.
The technology developed by the researchers consists of assembling a virus identical to the pathogen but “empty.”
To create this pseudovirus that activates the system’s immune response, the virus’s capsid is isolated [63, 64].
The Institute for the Study of humoral immunity (IDEHU) and the Institute for Research in medical microbiology and parasitology (IMPAM) Chagas Disease Experimental vaccines with preliminary results are promising.
The finding refers to studying the effects of a designed molecule that combines the essential immunogenic characteristics of three parasites antigens that causes the disease [65].
Sinergium Biotech Zika fever The vaccine is made up of a purified protein called “protein E” that matches a protein naturally found on the surface of the Zika virus. According to early results from pre-clinical studies with mice, the purified protein formulated in the laboratory elicits strong levels of neutralizing antibodies, which is a positive indicator that the vaccine will protect against Zika virus infection [66].