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Table 2 Laboratory consumables and reagents in Guragae Zone Primary Health Care Unit, Southern Ethiopia, 2019

From: Essential in-vitro laboratory diagnostic services provision in accordance with the WHO standards in Guragae zone primary health care unit level, South Ethiopia

Laboratory consumablesFacilities with at least one availableFacilities with at least one available but expiredNot available
Malaria rapid diagnostic test Kit6/21(28.6%)15(71.4%)
Syphilis rapid test Kit21/21
Urine Pregnancy Test Kit21/21
Urine Dipstick test kit21/21
DBS* test KIT21/21
Glucometer test strip21/21
Staining solution for malaria21/21
HIV-1/2 antibody test Kit20/21(95.2%)1(4.8%) 
LFT test kit3/21(14.3%)2(9.5%)16(76.2%)
RFT* test Kit3/21(14.3%)2(9.5%)16(76.2%)
Stains Solution for CBC and differential7/21(33.3%)14(66.7%)
CD4 test kit1/21(4.8%)20(95.2%)
Kit Electrolytes2/21(9.5%) 19(90.5%)
Gram staining Solution8/21(38.1%)5(23.8%)8(38.1%)
Kit for Cryptococcal antigen test21
Pastor Pipettes(Micro)21
Less than 7 days7–14 daysGreater than 14 days
Stock out12/21(57.2%)5/21(23.8%)4/21(19%)
  1. *DBS- Dried Blood Spot, RFT-Renal Function Tests