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Table 4 Co-morbid conditions present in QFT positive study subjects

From: Testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection using the QuantiFERON-TB GOLD assay in patients with comorbid conditions in a tertiary care endemic setting

Co-MorbidN (%)TB Ag
(IFNγ IU/ml, Median)
(IFNγ IU/ml, Median)
(10 e3/L)
Lympho (%)
No Known comorbids35 (62.5)4.68107.822.4
Diabetes7 (12.5)1.82109.315.9#
Malignancy4 (7)1.9752.9611.3*44.35
Achlasis1 (1.8)0.592.476.238
Chronic Kidney disease2 (3.6)5.914.7958.823.3
Epilepsy1 (1.8)1.5910723.4
Multiple comorbids6 (10.7)1.515.788.220.5
  1. ‘TLC’, total lymphocytes count; ‘QFT’, Quantiferon-Gold in Tube assay (Cellestis, Germany). QFT results for TB antigen (TB Ag) and Mitogen are provided. Cut-off for QFT positive ≥0.35 IU/ml. ‘*’ Denotes values greater than the normal range; ‘#’ Denotes values less than the normal range. Lymphopenia defined as lymphocytes < 1500 cells/mm3. ‘#’ patients with multiple co-morbids including, diabetes, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, endocrine disorders (panhypo-pitutiarism, hypothyroidism, thalassemia and malignancy)