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Table 3 Characteristics of study subjects

From: Testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection using the QuantiFERON-TB GOLD assay in patients with comorbid conditions in a tertiary care endemic setting

TB StatusTotal
(n = 149)
Male to female ratio
Age, years
(10 e3/L)
Lymphocyte count (%)
QFT Positive (n = 56)
Active TB(n = 33)
Latent TB2317:6508.522.05
QFT Negative(n = 93)
Active TB(n = 20)    
Non TB7335:38548.521.3
  1. ‘TLC’, total lymphocytes count; ‘QFT’, Quantiferon-Gold in Tube assay (Cellestis, Germany); ‘PTB’, pulmonary TB; ‘EPTB’, extrapulmonary TB (lymph node, abdominal, TB meningitis, tuberculoma, pelvic, pleural, thyroid, knee and spine). ‘M:F’, male: female; ‘Active TB’, subjects with a confirmed TB diagnosis based on positive radiology, microbiology, microscopy testing and/or a positive treatment response; ‘Probable ‘Latent TB’ cases were QFT-G positive without a confirmed diagnosis of TB; ‘Non-TB’, cases were QFT-G negative and without a confirmed diagnosis of TB. Cut-off for QFT positive ≥0.35 IU/ml. Lymphopenia is defined as lymphocytes < 1500 cells/mm3. Data is presented as Median values