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Table 2 Diagnostic details for patients with active TB

From: Testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection using the QuantiFERON-TB GOLD assay in patients with comorbid conditions in a tertiary care endemic setting

QFT + ve
 PTB10401082N/A -
QFT -ve
  1. QFT QuantiFERON-Gold In Tube Assay, PTB Pulmonary TB, EPTB Extra-pulmonary TB, N Number of subjects, AFBC Acid fast bacilli culture by MIGIT system (Becton Dickinson, USA); Microscopy, acid fast bacillus smear using Ziehl Neelsen staining; Radiology, XRay/ CT scan/ or MRI; ATT, anti-tuberculosis treatment response; histo-pathological staining of biopsy material and or FNAC (fine needle aspirate cytology) where relevant. The numbers indicate those diagnosed as positive by each method. N/A, not available