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Table 2 Prevalence and type of intestinal parasites among the positive participants in District Medebay Zana district towns (February–March, 2019)

From: Prevalence and factors associated with intestinal parasites among food handlers in Medebay Zana District, north West Tigray, northern Ethiopia

Parasites category Number (%)
Protozoan 109(81.7)
Entamoeba coli 50(37.4)
Entamoebahistolytica/dispar 24(18)
Entamoeba hartmanni 18(13.5)
Giardia lamblia 17(12.8)
Helminths 24(18.3)
Schistosoma mansoni 8(6.0)
Hymenolepis nana 7(5.3)
Entervious vermicularies 6(4.5)
Taenia species 3(2.3)
Total 133(100%)