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Table 1 Primer and probe sequences and gene target region for all panspecies assays. All assays were adapted from the cited references at Duke University

From: Panspecies molecular assays detect viral pathogens missed by real-time PCR/reverse-transcriptase PCR among pneumonia patients, Sarawak, Malaysia

Virus Assay Function Sequence Target Gene
Pan adenovirus [15]
 Nested PCR 1 Forward primer (polFouter) 5′-TNMGNGGNGGNMGNTGYTAYCC-3′ Polymerase
Reverse primer (polRouter) 5′-GTDGCRAANSHNCCRTABARNGMRTT-3′
 Nested PCR 2 Forward primer (polFinner) 5′-GTNTWYGAYATHTGYGGHATGTAYGC-3′
Reverse primer (polRinner) 5′-CCANCCBCDRTTRTGNARNGTRA-3′
 Pan coronavirus [16] Forward primer 5′-GGTTGGGACTATCCTAAGTGTGA-3’ Polymerase
 Pan enterovirus [17] AN32 primer 5′ GTY TGC CA 3′ Capsid protein VP1
AN33 primer 5′ GAY TGC CA 3′
AN34 primer 5′ CCR TCR TA 3′
AN35 primer 5′ RCT YTG CCA 3′