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Table 1 Synthesis of the Opportunities and Challenges in Providing Health Care to Canadian International Retirement Migrants in Yuma, Arizona

From: Opportunities and challenges in providing health care for International Retirement Migrants: a qualitative case study of Canadians travelling to Yuma, Arizona

  Scope of this Environment Example of a Challenge Created in this Environment Example of an Opportunity Created in this Environment
The spaces and activities that centre on caring for Canadian international retirement migrants within the hospital Providing needed follow-up care and facilitating care continuity for Canadian patients who will return home at the end of the season Hiring and retaining hospital staff to meet the seasonal influx in demand for services
The administrative, information exchange, and other processes that involve both health care or travel health insurance providers at home (in Canada) and abroad (in Yuma) Navigating lack of familiarity with Canadian health care system and Canadian patients’ health care opportunities at home Educating Canadian international retirement migrants about the importance of travelling abroad with medical records
The larger setting within which the hospital is located that shapes the everyday lives of patients and hospital workers Caring for Canadian retirement migrant patients who have undertaken risky activities associated with ‘party atmosphere’ in snowbird communities Creating a culture of care that extends beyond the hospital and into the community (e.g., building a hospital volunteer program that includes Canadians)