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Table 5 Ten most active authors in human strongyloidiasis

From: A bibliometric analysis of human strongyloidiasis research (1968 to 2017)

RankAuthor NameFrequency N = 1947%citationsNumber of citations per documentCountry affiliation as shown in Scopus
1Lok, J.B.321.670121.9USA
2Schad, G.A.281.473826.4USA
3Neva, F.A.271.4131948.9USA
4Genta, R.M.261.3107441.3USA
4Bisoffi, Z.261.385032.7Italy
6Costa-Cruz, J.M.251.346818.7Brazil
7Nutman, T.B.231.2137659.8USA
8Sato, Y.221.158926.8Japan
9Buonfrate, D.211.175035.7Italy
10Nolan, T.J.201.052226.1USA