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Table 4 Two and above antimicrobial resistance profile of human and cattle Salmonella isolate In Jimma municipal abattoir from May to September 2016

From: Prevalence and drug susceptibility pattern of Salmonella isolates from apparently healthy slaughter cattle and personnel working at the Jimma municipal abattoir, south-West Ethiopia

Number of antimicrobials to which isolate were resistance Antimicrobial resistant pattern Number (%)
Two AMP,S (2) 2(11.8)
Three AMP,S,AK(2) 4(23.5)
AMP,S,T (1)
AMP,K,C (1)
Four AMP,S,AK,T (1) 3(17.6)
AMP,S,GM,K (1)
AMP,S,T,GM (1)
Five AMP,S,AK,C,CF(1) 3(17.6)
AMP,S,T,GM,K (1)
AMP,S,CF,T,K (1)
Seven AMP,S,K,T,GM,SXT, CF (1) 1(5.9)
Eight AMP,S,AK,T,K,C,SXT, CF(2) 4(23.5)
Total   17(100)