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Table 1 Authoritative recommendations regarding primaquine for the prevention and treatment of P. vivax malaria

From: Management of Plasmodium vivax risk and illness in travelers

  United States United Kingdom Canada International
Source U.S. government The Medical Letter U.K. government Canadian government World Health Organization
Primaquine as Primary Prophylaxis As an alternative to suppressive options or:
With travel where malaria is primarily P. vivax
Short-term travel
Short-notice travel
Only as an alternative to suppressive options Not recommended Only as an alternative to suppressive options None specified except for special risk groups (infants, pregnant women, vulnerable children in seasonal high transmission)
Primaquine following a diagnosis of P. vivax Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended Strongly recommended
Primaquine following suppressive prophylaxis Recommended No recommendation Not recommended Recommended for high risk groups No recommendation
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