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Table 2 Summarization of the major differences between wP vaccine and aP vaccine

From: The Pertussis resurgence: putting together the pieces of the puzzle

Whole cell pertussis vaccine (wP) Acellular pertussis vaccine (aP)
-Blocked disease and infection to a much higher extent than aP
-Probably did this by blocking carriage (though studies were never done to prove that hypothesis).
-Blocked disease but did not block infection.
-Experimentally do not block carriage and permit transmission from asymptomatic to vaccine naïve animals. This observation closely mimics the cocooning strategy, and suggests a reason why it had failed to perform as anticipated.
-Epidemiologically appears to offer herd effect (though not to a level sufficient to halt transmission entirely). -Epidemiologically offers minimal or no herd effect.
-Induces robust mucosal immunity. -Seemingly absent of mucosal immunity induction.
-Induces robust Th17 responses. -Induces Th2 response.