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Table 4 HIV awareness among patients

From: Unrecognized human immunodeficiency virus infection and risk factors among elderly medical patients at the Korle Bu teaching hospital, Accra, Ghana

HIV awareness Response (%)
Yes No
 Have you heard of HIV/AIDS? 93.7 6.3
 Are you aware of STIs? 87.7 12.3
 Can correct use of condoms prevent HIV? 26.1 73.9
 Can HIV be acquired through food? 25.8 74.2
 Can HIV be acquired through handshakes/touch? 94.3 5.7
 Can HIV be acquired through contaminated needles? 66.8 33.2
 Can HIV be acquired through contaminated blood? 73.5 26.5
 Can a person protect himself from HIV by abstaining? 39.1 60.9
 Can healthy individual be infected with HIV? 37.0 63.0
 Is there Medication to cure HIV? 42.3 57.7
 Can pregnant woman pass HIV to unborn child? 21.4 78.6