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Table 2 Physician responses to the statement “I think that dengue is a major problem for my patient population” (n = 71)

From: Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding dengue infection among public sector healthcare providers in Machala, Ecuador

Categorical responses Open-ended responses
Agree or Strongly Agree (n = 63, 88 %) The region is an endemic zone
Dengue has a high morbidity
There is a lack of preventative measures
Patients self-medicate
There exists poor infrastructure
Dengue poses a high risk to others
There is a lack of education about dengue
There is a lack of social consciousness regarding dengue
Neutral (n = 4, 6 %) There is adequate education about dengue
Disagree or Strongly Disagree (n = 4, 6 %) Good preventative measures are in place
Good medical attention is available