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Table 2 Antibiogram for isolated bacteria of interest

From: Drug resistance in bacteria isolated from patients presenting with wounds at a non-profit Surgical Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 2011–2013

Susceptility testing A. baumannii/ calcoaceticus Coag Neg Staph spp E. cloacae E. coli K. pneumoniae P. mirabilis P. aeruginosa S. aureus S. pyogenes
3 38 13 36 10 12 24 99 12
Amikacin: AK S(2), R(1)   S(13) R(1), I(1), S(34) I(1), S(9) S(12) S(24)   
Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid: AmC    R(13) R(6), I(7), S(23) R(3), I(1), S(6) R(4), S(7), I(1)    
Ampicillin: AM    R(12), I(1) R(33), I(1), S(2) R(10) R(10), S(2)    
Ampicillin-Sulbactam: SAM S(2), I(1)   R(8), S(5) R(2), I(14), S(20) R(4), S(6) R(3), I(2), S(7)    
Aztreonam: ATM    R(1), S(10), I(2) R(17), I(7), S(12) R(5), S(5) S(12) R(3), I(4), S(17)   
Cefazolin: CZ    R(13) R(25), S(11) R(5), S(5) R(3), I(4), S(5)    
Cefepime: FEP R(2), S(1)   R(1), S(12) R(8), I(10), S(18) R(2), I(3), S(5) S(10), I(2) R(2), S(22)   R(1), S(11)
Cefoxitin: FOX   R(5), S(2) R(13) R(1), I(3), S(32) R(1), S(9) S(12)   R(52), S(47)  
Ceftazidime: CAZ R(2), S(1)   S(12), I(1) R(5), I(7), S(24) R(2), I(2), S(6) R(1), S(11) R(3), S(21)   
Ceftriaxone: CRO R(2), I(1)   R(3), S(9), I(1) R(24), I(1), S(11) R(5), S(5) R(1), I(1), S(10) R(9), I(9), S(6)   R(2), S(10)
Cefuroxime (Sodium): CXM    R(4), S(9) R(25), S(11) R(5), S(5) R(3), S(9)    
Chloramphenicol: C   R(3), S(4) R(4), S(9) R(20), S(16) R(6), S(4) R(9), S(3)   R(7), S(92) R(5), I(4), S(3)
Ciprofloxacin: CIP R(2), S(1) R(3), S(3), I(1) R(2), I(2), S(9) R(25), S(11) R(2), I(3), S(5) R(6), I(1), S(5) R(4), S(20) R(55), S(44)  
Clindamycin: CC   R(4), S(1), I(2)       R(53), I(7), S(39) R(1), I(3), S(8)
Erythromycin: E   R(6), S(1)       R(68), I(8), S(23) R(5), I(2), S(5)
Gentamicin: GM R(2), S(1) R(3), S(2), I(2) R(2), S(11) R(22), I(2), S(12) R(4), S(6) R(8), S(4) R(5), S(19) R(48), S(51)  
Imipenem: IPM R(1), S(2)   S(13) S(36) S(10) S(12) S(24)   
Levofloxacin: LVX R(1), S(1), I(1) R(3), S(3), I(1) R(2), S(11) R(23), I(2), S(11) R(2), S(8) R(4), I(2), S(6) R(5), S(19) R(53), I(2), S(44) I(2), S(10)
Meropenem: MEM R(1), S(2)   S(13) S(36) S(10) S(12) S(24)   
Oxacillin : OX   R(5), S(2)       R(52), I(3), S(44)  
Penicillin: P   R(6), S(1)       R(98), S(1) R(1), S(11)
Piperacilin: PIP R(2), S(1)   R(4), S(9) R(32), I(2), S(2) R(6), I(2), S(2) R(4), I(2), S(6) R(4), S(20)   
Tetracycline: Te R(2), S(1) R(5), S(2) R(6), S(7) R(32), S(4) R(7), S(3) R(11), S(1)   R(36), I(1), S(62) R(10), I(1), S(1)
Tobramycin: NN, TM R(1), (S(2)       R(4), I(1), S(19)   
Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole: SXT R(2), S(1) R(4), S(3) R(5), S(8) R(28), I(1), S(7) R(5), S(5) R(8), I(1), S(3)   R(22), I(5), S(72)  
Vancomycin: Va   S(7)       S(99) S(12)
  1. I Intermediate, R Resistant, S Sensitive